Do you wonder if you are getting the proper nutrition every day?

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RU Fueled?

Do you wonder if you are getting the proper nutrition every day? Could there be a glaring hole in your otherwise healthy diet? Do you suffer from food allergies or intolerances that may be causing nutrient deficiencies that you are unaware of? Is your child a very picky eater and you are worried they are not getting adequate nutrition? Would you like tips to help round out your diet with foods rather than relying on supplements? RU Fueled? would like to help.

Features of RU Fueled?


Easy to use daily food journal

Food analysis

See macro and micronutrient content of foods eaten daily

Track results

See deficiencies in daily or weekly diet


Vitamins and minerals defined and rich food sources

Exclusive content

Recipes included with nutrition breakdown

Allergen information

Recipes and tips for food allergies and sensitivities

Understand what you eat.


Why choose RU Fueled?

  • Knowledge
    • Ever wonder if you’re getting enough vitamin E or iron?
    • Is your son/daughter getting enough Calcium or Vitamin A?
    • Are you on a restricted diet and wonder if there are gaps in your nutrition?
    • Is your family eating too much sugar?
    • Are you feeling a little fatigued where maybe eating habits are to blame?
    • You will know the answers to those questions with a touch
  • Exclusive content
    • Recipes: healthful, family friendly
    • Mom tips for adding in nutrition to children’s diet
    • Food allergy tips: swapping out ingredients and clear recipe labels
  • What RU Fueled? Is not
    • Calorie counter
    • Fitness app
    • Step counter

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